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Specialized Practice Management

Your practice needs unique management programs tailor-made to optimize your business. 

Get it now from The Verden Group’s Specialized Consultants, Paul Vanchiere and Jose Lopez.

Paul Vanchiere’s extensive knowledge in Pediatric Practice Management allows The Verden Group to deliver a unique service that provides a full financial analysis of Pediatric practices along with an onsite assessment. Paul’s focus is on tangible, practical and affordable solutions customized for your Pediatric practice.

Jose Lopez specializes in sustainable practice management programs and resources designed to reduce costs. With a focus on operational reviews, quality assurance, compliance, reporting, and business development, Jose extensive hands-on knowledge in the healthcare industry means all your business needs are looked after.


  • Practice costs analysis
  • Fee & Payment Analysis, Accounts Receivable Analysis
  • Assessment of Key Performance Indicators
  • Physician & Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Operational Workflow Assessments
  • Contract Creation & Negotiation
  • Staff Re-Organization and Resource Management
  • Vaccine Inventory ManagementJose
  • Branding & Marketing, Patient Marketing & Public Relations

The Verden Group is the one source you can trust with all of your practice needs. Get the expert advice your practice needs today. 

To learn more about what our Specialized Consultants can do for you please contact Paul or Jose.